Experience the thrill of meeting sharks face to face in the pristine waters of Oahu, Hawaii. From the safety of a cage, you will see the ocean's majestic hunters in their natural environment, surrounded by the deep blue of the Northshore.

Close and personal, protected by the polyglass window

Education is a very important part of our shark adventure.
You will be presented with fascinating facts about shark biology and behavior, about ocean life, conservation issues and about the significance of sharks in Hawaiian culture and mythology. Hawaiians are intimately connected to the ocean and see sharks as a revered part of their history and belief system. Each guest can also take part in the ongoing shark research projects and can become an ambassador for conservation, an experience that will last well past the day of the tour.
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Haleiwa Boat Harbor 66-105
Haleiwa Rd - Haleiwa HI 96712
(808) 351-9373
More than just an adventure, this educational tour takes you into a world that few can ever experience. The open ocean world of sharks!

We take you over three miles off shore, where you can observe Galapagos and Sandbar sharks in their natural environment from the safety of a floating cage. No scuba experience is necessary, you enter the cage from above and stay on the surface using a mask and snorkel. Large Poly Glass windows let you peer into the open ocean and watch the sharks as they glide gracefully through the deep blue. To be in the presence of such awe inspiring animals will change the way you see sharks forever.
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Children under 12:
Kama'aina and Military: with Military/Hawaii ID
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