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Shark experts and eco-tourism operators have recognized the educational value of or tour around the world.  While enjoying the tour and having an experience of a lifetime, the guests are presented with in-depth information about shark biology, ecology and behavior and the threats sharks are facing globally. Our crewmembers have years of experience with sharks and they are ardent conservationist and shark experts.


Dispelling the myth of sharks as mindless killing machines is an important part of shark conservation. People will not protect what they fear and there is a general lack of concern for the demise of sharks. We experience every day that people are indeed interested and fascinated by sharks – there simply is a lot of misinformation and hype and the sensationalism of news programs feeds on the wide-spread fear of sharks.

Nothing corrects that impression like a real life encounter with sharks, under safe and well-supervised conditions. Most guests walk away with a newfound appreciation for sharks and the important role they play in our environment.



Many of the irrational fears that people have about sharks will be diminished when they get a chance to observe sharks in their natural environment.




We also support many outreach and educational projects, locally and internationally.


Wild Classroom

In conjunction with the film crew of “Wild Classroom”, Hawaii Shark Encounters was able to be part of a great new idea of bringing nature into the class-room. A series of documentaries that are aimed at school children of all ages, accessible through the internet.
Visit their site

Ocean Blue Education

We are proud to be one of the supporters and participants of Blue Ocean Education.
Ocean Blue strives to stretch the limits of education by putting a piece of the ocean’s future into the hands of young people who are passionate about marine science. There is no better way to broaden the awareness of the ocean world and yourself, than by experiencing life at sea. Living aboard a ship means leaving the familiar behind and taking the exciting unknown head on.
Check out their site

Outreach Programs

Outreach programs and educational presentations to local community groups and schools, as well as safety programs are being conducted regularly. We are expanding these programs to include more schools and to the general public.


Over the years, we have been able to contribute to many educational documentaries that were shown all over the world.
We continue to strive to help change the image of sharks by only contributing to quality programming that will not exploit sharks.