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The general misconception is that there are still plenty of sharks. It is rare to find sympathy for an animal that most people are terrified of. Sharks have a bad reputation that is undeserved and incorrect. This makes it possible for the slaughter of sharks by the millions to continue, when it should cause a global outrage. The demand for Shark fin soup, considered a delicacy in Asian countries, is wiping out shark populations around the world.

More research is needed to find out important information about the biology of individual shark species, and how the current fishing practices will affect their populations. One thing is clear, because sharks are slow to mature and reproduce in very low numbers, the populations will hit a point of no return much faster than any other fish species that is being hunted extensively. Many shark species are already nearing a point of decimation that will be difficult to stop and reverse. What we do now, or fail to do, will affect the health of our oceans drastically.

So why should we protect sharks?

Sharks keep our oceans healthy and clean. Without sharks the oceans would be a cesspool of the sick, dying and dead. Fisheries would collapse. The balance would be disturbed to a point of no return. The extinction of sharks would impact the environment and economy on a global scale. When we recognize that we have to respect and protect sharks we are also taking one step towards saving the oceans!

 Why are shark tours beneficial for Shark Conservation?

Shark experts and eco tourism operators from around the world have recognized the educational value of our tour.  While enjoying the encounter and having an experience of a lifetime, the guests are presented with in depth information about shark biology, ecology and behavior and the threats sharks are facing globally.

Our crewmembers have years of experience with sharks and they are ardent conservationist and shark experts.

Dispelling the myth of the mindless killer – the battle against irrational fears

Changing the way sharks are seen in the public eye is an important part of shark conservation. People will not protect what they fear and there is a general lack of concern for the demise of sharks. We find out every day that people are indeed interested and fascinated by sharks – there simply is a lot of misinformation and hype and the sensationalism of news programs feeds on the wide spread fear of sharks.

Nothing corrects that impression like a real life encounter with sharks, under safe and well-supervised conditions. Most guests walk away with a newfound appreciation for sharks and the important role they play in our environment.

A Positive Experience – a new way of thinking

Having a personal encounter is one of the most powerful ways to learn and to change habits. No matter what attitude a person may have at the beginning of the tour, by the end, they will leave with a completely different image of what sharks are really like.

Once a person has been in the presence of these graceful animals in the open blue water they can correct the horrendous image of the “Jaws” monster in their mind.

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