About Our Company


We love creating memories for a lifetime while educating our customers and sharing our passion for sea life.

At Hawaii Shark Encounters, we are more than another eco tour: we are on a mission to educate each one of our guests about the current state of the oceans ecosystem, the sharks’ plight and how their decimation by humans is affecting us all in the long term. We offer you a semi-private experience (max 12 people) like no other. You’ll see sharks as if they are right in your face with our plexiglass windows. You’ll walk away with a knowledge and insight which will enable you to engage in conversations about sharks with your friends and colleagues. Let us bring you out of the “Jaws” movie mindset and into reality supported by facts. Sharks are awesome magnificent creatures, and this extraordinary encounter should be on everyone’s bucket list. Book a tour with us today 808 351-9373 or find us online at http://www.hawaiisharkencounters.com/

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