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Absolutely! But…there are a few things you should know. Please read this and the only surprise will be how this shark encounter is so much more than you ever imagined!

When we say this adventure is for everyone, we mean it. Our guests have included non-swimmers who had never been in the ocean to National Geographic photographers. Both were very impressed! The youngest person in the shark cage was a 3 year old girl and the oldest over 80. We have taken a paraplegics and a woman who had lost her foot to a great white.

Must be easy, right? Yes it is, but not always. Our shark grounds over three miles off the famous North Shore. This is the open ocean, which can be very rough. Even on a calm day the boat still rocks! If you are prone to motion sickness, this will bring it on. The entry and exit into the cage requires you to be able to climb down a 5-step ladder, and you must be able to pull your own weight back up the ladder and into the boat.

Sometimes the weather is so rough that it becomes dangerous and we must cancel the tour. This can happen fairly often in the winter and spring. When you book, we will ask for a phone number or hotel room. If the weather looks too rough, we will call you the day before. If you are coming on vacation, it may be wise to schedule your shark trip during the beginning so we can try again if the weather is too rough. You can also call us at anytime to check on conditions.

The weather is not always rough, especially in the mornings. We encourage people to come on the early trip. We know it is hard to get up early on vacation but what are you going to remember for the rest of your life? A few moments with your pillow or being surrounded by 30 sharks?

We do not want to scare you out of coming. Some people just seem to be surprised that small boats on a big ocean don’t sit still! Calm or rough, rain or shine, everyone that comes with us has a great time, even the ones who get seasick. Thanks for reading this.



Visitors with physical limitations or special need to choose a tour with the most favorable ocean conditions, therefore it is best to make arrangements during the time of booking.


For more questions and answers about the tour go to our Frequently Asked Questions  page

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