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Our cage is roomy and safe! It is open at the top so you can get in and out easily. The bars extend 2 ft above the water so there is no chance of the sides ever being submerged.

The quarter inch thick Poly Glass windows are nearly invisible underwater and let you see everything for hundreds of feet around while keeping a safe barrier between you and the sharks.


You guarantee that you will feel very safe and comfortable!




The hardest part of the tour is the entry into the cage. It will be pulled close and tightly attached to the side of the boat to make the entry easy.


The entry and exit into the cage require enough strength to step over the side of the boat, to climb down a 5-step ladder and to pull your own body weight up the ladder when getting out of the cage.

The steps reach all the way to the bottom of the cage, so there is no need to jump or reach at any time.

Once in the cage, you will be able to hold onto bars all around the inside of the cage and you will need to be able to keep a grip as the ocean and the cage may be rolling and moving, depending on ocean conditions.



               More FAQ’s about the cage

Can I go outside of the cage?

No way! You would probably be fine, we go outside all the time, but these are big sharks with lots of teeth so we don’t want to risk a guest getting bit.

Do I need experience with scuba diving or snorkeling to go inside the shark cage?

No! You only need to be able to climb down a short ladder and hang onto a handrail. We get many people that don’t even know how to swim!

Can the cage sink?

No! Floats surround the cage on all sides and they keep it level in the water. The top of the cage is actually 2 feet above the surface. The cage is also tied to the boat with several lines.

Is the cage closed at the top?

There is no lid on the cage. You are not locked in and you can come up and enjoy the view from the surface and communicate with the crew at any time.

Can the sharks jump in?

No! The sides of the cage extend 2 feet above the surface of the water. The sharks would have to jump three feet clear out of the water with a forward trajectory and aim they simply don’t have. They will occasionally lift their heads out of the water, but these sharks are not capable of leaving the water. Even if they wanted to. (and they really don’t).

How do I get in the cage? Do I have to swim to it?

Of course not! You would have to pay us a lot extra to be allowed to swim even one moment outside the cage, with the sharks. The cage gets pulled right next to the boat and you step down a very solid ladder directly inside the cage.

How secure will I be inside the cage?

There are handrails to hold on to and stand on all around the cage. You can stabilize yourself while you float on the surface or you can pull yourself a little lower for a different view. None of your body parts will ever have to extend outside the bars.

Will the sharks attack the cage?

No! The sharks will come very close to the cage to investigate but they do not charge at the cage or try to bite the people inside. Human beings are not on the natural menu of these sharks, as is the case with most sharks.

Do I get an unobstructed view of the sharks?

Yes! There are two large (and very strong) pieces of Poly Glass installed on each short side of the cage. In the water, they are almost invisible.[/fullwidth]