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a group of people swimming in the water

At Hawaii Shark Encounters, we pride ourselves in offering an eco-friendly subsurface experience that is safe and inspiring for everyone from seasoned conservationists to budding citizen scientists. We hope you’ll join us on a trip three miles off the gorgeous North Shore in Oahu, Hawaii for a once-in-a-lifetime experience of some of the ocean’s most fascinating and elegant creatures: sharks!


All Divers Welcome

Because our cage hovers just below the surface of the water, you can relax and experience the ocean using a mask and snorkel. No scuba gear required!

Each diving cage is fitted with a poly-glass window where you can watch the natural environment of the ocean unfold right before your eyes as you come nose to nose with the curious sharks that glide up to visit.


Safe for You, Safe for the Sharks

We are always mindful that we are visiting these sharks’ natural home and make every effort to create a low-impact encounter that is safe for both our guests and the sharks. We don’t travel over reefs or drop anchors that could potentially cause damage to the environment. Once we arrive at our destination, we shut off our engines.

The sharks you’ll see are never baited or frightened into view. They’re just hanging out in their home. Because sharks are naturally very curious, they’ll come over to the cage to get a better look at you.  The design of the cage ensures that we all maintain a respectful distance.


Dispel Hollywood Myths with Education

Sharks are very important to Hawaiians who have incorporated them into their belief systems and cultural story.  During your journey, you’ll be accompanied and well-supervised by experienced members of our staff who will fill you in on the true story of sharks, their significance to Hawaiian culture, and their critical importance in a balanced ocean ecosystem.

We think you’ll find that your personal experience with sharks is much different than stories you’ve heard in Hollywood blockbusters or in fear-based headlines.



Be Inspired!

A healthy ocean needs sharks, and they need our protection now more than ever. An estimated 60 percent of the Earth’s population of sharks has been killed and eleven species of sharks is on the critically endangered list. A lot of this is because of ignorance and unfounded fear. Sharks have so much more to fear from us than we do from them, and we intend to change this global attitude, one personal encounter at a time.

All of our guests are invited to become a part of ongoing shark research projects and can become ambassadors for conservation. We encourage you to take your stories home to your friends and family so more people can become aware of the beauty and importance of these magnificent animals.



It’s  important to us that every guest has the most memorable experience possible, but Mother Nature sometimes has other plans. Sometimes we have to reschedule tours because of weather, but if you’re flexible, we promise to get you in on another day.

After your tour, we encourage you to take a walk along our beautiful beaches and visit the shops in Haleiwa, all within walking distance of the Harbor.