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a group of people in a pool of water

We deal in experiences of a lifetime. It is a rare day when we do not hear “That was the greatest thing I have ever done” You may be tempted to save the best for last (and this will be the best) but please don’t. Sometimes we have to reschedule due to weather, so try and leave some room to be flexible.

Our Shark Vessel “Kainani” departs Haleiwa Small Boat Harbor on Oahu’s North Shore daily. We motor out to International waters, over 3 miles off shore to the shark grounds. For the next hour and a half we share the excitement and our knowledge of the sharks of the famous North Shore.

Within minutes, the fun begins. The sharks almost never fail to pay us a visit. In fact, their presence is so consistent that if you don’t see a shark, you don’t pay!

Upon arrival to the shark grounds, the first guests get in the cage. The water here is over 600 feet deep and crystal clear. The view is incredible. Just getting in is a bit of a thrill. Once in the cage, the big Poly Glass windows are nearly transparent, so when that 10 foot long Galapagos shark presses his nose against the glass, it looks like he is coming right on in. Not to worry, though, he’s not getting in. In fact, press your nose against the glass, and you will be just one-quarter of an inch away from the business end of one big shark!

In addition to the Galapagos sharks, Sandbar sharks are our other common visitors. Both of these sharks are very curious, completely unafraid and come very close to the shark cage. Sometimes we see as many as 30!
(Check out the “Our Sharks” page for more info on these and other sharks we may see.)

There is absolutely no diving experience required for this veritable shark diving fest.But just because everyone can do it, doesn’t mean the experienced diver will be bored. Far from it! From underwater pros to people who have never even been in the ocean, our adventure is for everyone!



Many of the major networks such as Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic have all featured Hawaii Shark Encounters in their programming. We have a proud reputation to help educate people worldwide about sharks.